3D PageFlip for PowerPoint

3D PageFlip for PowerPoint 2.0

Versatile utility to transform your PowerPoint presentations into Flash videos

3D PageFlip for PowerPoint is 3DPageFlip Software’s solution to your need for a flexible PowerPoint to e-book conversion tool. You can use any version of PowerPoint presentation or a set of image files for the input, and create a dynamic and pro-looking e-book or e-magazine with a stunning three-dimensional page-flip effect and a Flash player with all the controls you need to read and navigate the book in a comfortable and attractive way.

The program works very much like any other “document to flipping book” converter. The first step is to select a PPT file and the background design that you want to add to your Flash player. Alternatively, you can use a collection of images in any of the most widely used image file formats for the input, so that you can give a more professional design and a dynamic layout to your photo book. You can add bookmarks to your flipping book for easier navigation, and define the way the page-flip effect will perform its magic. You can revise the generated e-publication before publishing it, change the template or animated scene selected, re-define the Flash controls, etc.

Once you are happy with the results, you can publish your e-book in different ways according to its final destination. The self-executing EXE file is probably one of the most popular options – this can be sent via e-mail or on a CD/DVD/memory stick to your clients, and all they need to do is double-click on the EXE file to enjoy your flipping book. The HTML option will allow you to embed the book and its player on an HTML file that you can upload and share directly on the Web. There is also a mobile version of this very HTML file, though devised in a way that is more suitable for viewing using mobile devices. You can even use 3DPageFlip’s own cloud storage system to save and share your 3D presentations! Finally, 3DP is another of the output options provided – to make use of this proprietary format, you will need to have installed 3D PageFlip Reader, though.

Undoubtedly, the wide variety of options and possible combinations provided by 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint when it comes to presentation, navigation, and exporting facilities are this program’s main assets. You can try them all by downloading its free trial version and giving it a go with your favorite presentations or photo albums. The resulting flipping books will speak for themselves.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Supports all PowerPoint presentations, both old and new
  • Creates animated photo books from your image file collection
  • Wide variety of templates and animated scenes to embellish your e-book players
  • Fully customizable e-book creation process


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